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Like neighbouring beaches along this stretch of the Pembrokeshire coast, Church Doors Cove is something of a geological wonder, and it is to this that the beach's name refers. The cove has sheer stratified sandstone cliffs to the rear and both sides. However, it is the huge, high-arched 'door' cut into the headland by the sea that identifies this beach. Access to Church Doors Cove is via the Pembrokeshire coast path and then a long, steep set of concrete steps followed by a metal stairway which leads down to the beach. Alternatively, on very low tides you can just about walk around the narrow headland that separates Church Doors from its neighbour, Skrinkle Haven (or scrabble through the cave that joins them). When the tide is in there isn't much of a beach here, and a large part of what is left is rocky. But as the tide drops away a beautiful, sheltered stretch of golden sand is exposed. Therefore, it is well worth checking the tide times before you visit.

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