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Chapel St Leonards is a sand and shingle beach on the Lincolnshire coastline located next to the resort town of the same name. The beach is a popular place for swimming and for family days out, it is also a good place for walking as the beaches stretch for many miles in both directions along this part of the Lincolnshire coastline. To the south, the beach leads to the larger resort town of Skegness, which is about 6 miles away. One mile north of the main beach entrance is Chapel Point, a defensive structure built during the Second World War. It is a popular viewing point, particularly for bird watchers. A little further north, there is a quieter section of beach towards Anderby Creek and Sandilands. A promenade runs alongside the beach, which boasts a pub, about 50 meters south of the main beach entrance. There are plenty more facilities such as toilets, pubs, restaurants, shops and places to stay in the town of Chapel St Leonards. As one would expect in a resort town there are also various caravan parks and resort-style attractions such as crazy golf, amusement arcades and children’s play areas. There are a number of small car parks in the town of Chapel St Leonards, each one a short walk from the beach. The largest, is the Well Vale Car Park, located along Well Vale Drive, about 150 meters from the beach. The beach is accessed down a short flight of steps.

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