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Castell Bach, which translates as "Little Castle" is an interesting little cove a few miles along the coast from New Quay. The name presumably comes from the Celtic iron age hillfort which sits on the plateau overlooking the cove. Although there is little to see of the "castle" today it is still a great spot to take in the scenery. The beach at Castell Bach has something of an enclosed feel to it; to the rear are high grassy cliffs, while the seaward side is dominated by a rocky knoll, which never quite becomes an island. For geologists there are some striking folded strata to be seen on this great lump of rock. Probably the easiest way to find Castell Bach is by parking at Cwmtydu and walking around via the coast path. Alternatively there is parking at St Tysilio's church from which a footpath leads down to the coast. One at the beach there is a path down the cliff on the northern side, where it slopes more gently. Please note, I have seen this beach (incorrectly) called Aber Castell in places.

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