Carron Beach (Stonehaven)

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Carron is a sand and shingle beach overlooking Stonehaven Bay, and backed by the town of Stonehaven. The beach here becomes increasingly sandy approaching the water's edge, particularly at the southern end of the beach. Towards the southern end, a pedestrian bridge allows visitors to cross the mouth of the River Carron, although it is crossable by foot at low tide, before the beach reaches the harbour wall and becomes rockier. At the northern end, the beach is bounded by the mouth of Cowie Water. Carron beach is popular for water sports and for swimming, with an electric sign displaying the current water quality during the summer months. Parking is available in the town centre, a short walk from the beachfront, where a pedestrian promenade backs much of the beach. A short flight of stairs takes visitors onto the beach. Facilities, including a wide range of shops, pubs, and restaurants, as well as toilets can all be found in the town centre, less than 100 meters behind the beach to the north of the River Carron. Further facilities, including parking and the Tolbooth Museum can be found to the south overlooking the harbour.

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