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Caister Point, in Norfolk, a short walk from Great Yarmouth, is a small, family-friendly resort. The long, tranquil beach is composed of miles of golden sand mixed with pebbles, backed by sand dunes. The beach is much quieter and less popular than some of the nearby beaches. Visitors to Caister Point have a fairly good chance of spotting seals in the water, from the nearby colony at Horsey. There is a lifeboat station, manned entirely by volunteers at the southern end of the beach, with its own visitor centre nearby. The beach is very dog-friendly, as there are no restrictions on dogs and there is plenty of space for them to run along the shore. Visitors to the beach will not be able to miss the sight of the turbines of the Scroby Sands Wind Farm which is 2.5 km offshore. Although considered a bit unsightly by some, the windfarm has the capacity to supply 41,000 homes with electricity. The beach hit the headlines in February 2017, when packages containing millions of pounds worth of cannabis were found by a member of the public on this and a nearby beach. The water quality at Caister Point is good, however, there is no lifeguard.

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