Caerfai Bay

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Caerfai Bay beach sits in a rock-filled cove nestled between stunning cliffs just outside of the town (or city) of St Davids. It is also located on Wales' Heritage Coast and often visited for its rock formations which include stones of every hue here, particularly pinks and greens. Towards high tide much of the beach at Caerfai Bay is made up of pebbles although as the tide drops out you will find golden sands stretching into the distance. The beach is accessed by following a path through the craggy cliffs and down a steep set of stairs. You won't find much in the way of beach amenities at Caerfai Bay and there is no lifeguard so care should be taken if swimming here as currents are strong and changeable. Caerfai is the closest beach to the UK's smallest city, St Davids. Here you will find St Davids Cathedral as well as the scenic River Alun and the National Park Visitor Centre. There are also a number of hotels, dining options, and several caravan parks in and around St Davids.

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