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Located near the small, seaside village of Bigbury-On-Sea, Burgh Island is a small tidal island whose beaches are only visible at low tide. Burgh Island is renowned as a famous former haunt of pirates and smugglers. However, in more recent times, the island is also well known for its connection to Agatha Christie, who is said to have called the hotel located on the island her 'second home' and who used the island as the inspiration for two of her novels. At low tide, the island is easily accessible by walking along the sandy beaches which are revealed to lead up to the island's shores. However, at high tide, visitors have to take a more unique approach to reaching the island. The Sea Tractor, which is owned by the island's hotel, elevates riders over the water as her massive wheels make their way through the surf, allowing visitors to arrive safe and dry even at the highest of tides. Both guests of the hotel and members of the public can use the Sea Tractor to access the island. On the island itself, there are multiple paths and walkways open to members of the public which criss cross the island's 26 acres. Guests of the island's art-deco Burgh Island Hotel have free reign of the island, including the paths closest to the hotel, which are shut off from the public. The Mermaid Pool is the island's natural sea water pool, which is surrounded by stunning rock formations. Surfing, paddle boarding, windsurfing and kitesurfing facilities are also widely available and one of Devon's most well-known surf schools is located right on the beach.

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