Broughton Bay

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Broughton Bay is a large, sandy bay, backed by dunes, on the north-western tip of the Gower Peninsula. The sands here are constantly shifting and a number of interesting discoveries have been made here by beachcombers, including a recent find of the handle of a 17th century sword. There is evidence that the caves around the cliffs at the northern end of the bay were occupied by Palaeolithic man, as well as by Roman settlers. At the south end of the bay there are a number of small coves which can only be accessed at low tide and become dangerous when the tide comes in. This beach is not suitable for swimming and is dangerous for watersport enthusiasts because of the strong currents from the Loughor Estuary, as well as the fast-incoming tides and shifting sands in the area. There is no lifeguard here and no facilities. Broughton Bay is therefore a tranquil spot, even in fine weather. At either end of the bay there are a cluster of caravan parks. A small car park can be found about 400 metres from the beach, although from here access to the beach can be quite tricky for anyone who is not too sure-footed. Those prepared to make the effort will be rewarded with stunning views of this beautiful stretch of coastline.

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