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Broadhaven South Beach is a large expanse of sandy beach which stretches along a craggy coastline. The beach is a top spot for families as there is a lifeguard present in the summer months and you will also find plenty of other seasonal amenities such as an ice cream stand. The beach sits in a secluded bay which is surrounded by powdery sand dunes. At low tide the sands here stretch for what feels like miles meaning that the beach rarely feels crowded and there is plenty of space to enjoy beach activities or games. The south-west area of the beach is a popular surf spot when conditions are right. However, neighbouring Druidston and Newgale are more consistent. Take care if you plan to swim at Broadhaven South Beach as the currents can be strong and change quickly. To access the beach you can walk along the pretty board walks through the dunes that take you past lily ponds at the north end of the sand. There is also access at the south end if don’t mind climbing down the some steeps steps cut into the side of one of the encircling cliffs. Other popular things to do at Broadhaven South Beach include exploring the islands and boulders that are on the west side of the cove which are covered in small caves and have pretty underground springs. There is also a spring that leads through the lily ponds close to the sand dunes where you can search for fish and other fauna. Further exploration of this area, away from the beach, will bring you to the Bosherton Lakes which are managed by the National Trust. These are a series of flooded valleys which have formed freshwater lakes carpeted with lilies. If you are looking for amenities around the beach then these can easily be found in Bosherton Village which has cafes, pubs, and shops.

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