Broadhaven Beach (Broad Haven North)

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This westerly facing beach is located within the wide arc of Brides Bay and is one of two beaches known as Broadhaven. The beach here is also known as Broad Haven North, with Broad Haven South being some distance away on Pembrokeshire's south coast. The village of Broadhaven grew as a resort during the Victorian era. Despite its small size it has a rather grand sea front complete with promenade. Today it is still a popular spot, largely owing to the quality of the beach here which is a regular recipient of the Blue Flag award. At high tide all that remains of the beach here is a narrow band of sand and pebbles, when the tide goes out Broadhaven lives up to its name. Then a vast expanse of firm, golden sand is revealed. The northern end of the beach is home to a number of good rockpools and there is some interesting geology here too. There are a number of sea stacks and natural arches with names such as Emmet Rock and the Sleek Stone, all of which sit below the rugged Lions Head. Conditions are generally calm at Broad Haven beach with the gently sloping sand making it ideal for taking a dip. However, on the right conditions this is a popular surf spot and also frequented by windsurfers and kite-surfers.

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