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The beach at Braye Bay is situated on the northern fringes of the Channel Islands. Set near the northern tip of Alderney, the northernmost inhabited Channel Island Braye Bay in turn also faces north with a wide, open channel to the sea. This is one of the most famous and well loved bays in Alderney, yet visitors who are looking for some peace and quiet will be pleased by the lack of crowds. The sand at Braye Bay is soft and white and is known in the area for being an excellent choice for anyone who wants to spend the day making sandcastles. This makes it a good choice for families travelling in Alderney, especially as the waves in the bay are relatively calm which means that you can paddle or swim. Another great aspect of the beach is that it is protected by the long breakwater which is famous in Alderney. This breakwater was designed by James Walker and is of some historical significance being the longest of its kind in the United Kingdom. Braye Bay is also close to the town with all the facilities only a short and pleasant walk away. There are also a few hotels located on the bay so if you are staying in the area then this is not to be missed on a trip to Alderney.

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