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This expansive stretch of flat golden, unspoilt sand is a year round favourite. With literally miles of beach there is plenty of room for summer picnics and romantic winter walks. As well as being a good family beach with all this sand space Brancaster is a popular spot for windsurfing, kite surfing and various buggies. It is also one of the best dog friendly beaches in Norfolk. Brancaster beach is part of the Brancaster Estate which is now owned by the National Trust. This iconic stretch of coast is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and also home to important natural features such as the tidal salt marshes of Scolt Head. There are a few facilities at Brancaster including the Brancaster Beach Kiosk and plenty of parking. At low tide the shipwreck of the SS Vina becomes visible. Mostly buried in the sand all that can be seen are a few sections of barnacle encrusted superstructure. The ship was used as target practice by the RAF during World War II but became stuck on a sandbank. Today it presents two hazards; firstly to other boats as it sits near a channel and also to beachgoers who walk out to see it at low tide only to be cut off when the tide races back in. You should not attempt to walk out to the wreck as this is a real danger.

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