Bracklesham Bay

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Bracklesham Bay is a predominantly shingle beach, which becomes sandier towards the water's edge. When the tide is out, a large, area of wet sand, interspersed by wooden groynes is exposed. This disappears underwater when the tide comes back in. The beach is backed by the village and overlooks the bay, both of which share its name. From the beach there are views across to the Isle of Wight in the distance. A number of activities such as swimming, and water sports are popular at the beach. It is also an excellent place for fossil hunting and during a trip to this beach, there is a good chance of spotting many other visitors in pursuit of this activity. So-called "shark's teeth" are particularly common here. The beach is also popular for bird watchers, particularly during the winter months, and there is always a chance of spotting seals here. Pay-and-display parking can be found along East Bracklesham Drive, as well as toilets, a café, and a foreshore office. From here, a slipway leads down to the beach. Further facilities such as shops and restaurants can be found further inland in the village centre. In May 1944, in preparation for D-Day, Canadian soldiers practised an amphibious landing on this beach. Remains of a tank from that operation can still be found underwater, and scuba diving is popular in the bay.

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