Bordeaux Harbour Beach

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This location is classed as Seaside.
It's Longitude is -2.5085205 and Latitude is 49.4907175, and it's readable address is Bordeaux Harbour, Guernsey GY3, Guernsey.

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This attractive little natural harbour on the north-eastern tip of the Guernsey is an ideal spot for an early morning swim. This is best done when the tide is in. The rocky bay is also popular with snorkelers, although strong currents outside the mouth of the harbour make it dangerous to swim beyond the harbour entrance. Pretty little fishing boats add a splash of colour to the picturesque surroundings. Immediately south of the harbour, the small area of sandy beach is about 500 metres long behind which runs a quiet road. Bordeaux harbour, with its fine views over the islands of Herm, Jethou and Sark is a popular spot for painters and photographers. If you get here early enough, there are some spectacular sunrises to be seen. South of the beach, the remains of Vale Castle stand on a hill and overlook the beach. This was once the site of an Iron Age fort, although the structure we see today was built in the 15th century, with additional fortifications having been put in place during the Second World War.

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