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The small harbour of Bonne Nuit is nestled on the north coast of the island, sheltered by the hills towering above it. Bonne Nuit got its name from the French "good night" because of its reputation as a quiet and peaceful mooring. The name is well deserved as this is an exceptionally quiet beach, protected from the winds that ravage so many of Jersey’s other beaches. At low tide, a small sandy beach appears between the harbour and the pebble beach that usually dominates the area, making it a perfect spot to relax in the sunshine before the sun dips below the hills. Watersports and swimming are all but impossible here because of the small fishing boats that cover much of the sand and water just off the coast. However, the walks to or from the high cliffside path above offer stunning ocean views. For a more adventurous day out, the hillside above Bonne Nuit is the highest place in Jersey to launch a paraglide from and is popular with enthusiasts of the sport.

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