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Located to the east of the pier entrance, East Beach is Bognor Regis' most popular beach. Close to Bognor Regis town centre and adjoining a Butlins resort, East beach is backed by a promenade, with plenty of seating, toilets and other facilities. Whilst some would say Bognor's finest days as a resort are behind it they may be doing this seaside town a disservice. The council here have made an effort to keep things fresh on the beach-front with initiatives such as the "Flex on the Beach Fitness Trail", the Foreshore Officers helping out and providing free Kid Care armband scheme, and the "Beach on the Beach" - an enormous kid-friendly enclosed sandpit right next to the promenade. The beach itself is very much like most beaches on the Sussex coast; a sloping shingle bank held in place by wooden groynes leading down to an expanse of flat sand which becomes exposed at low tide.

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