Blackhall Beach (Blackhall Colliery)

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The beach at Blackhall is a fairly pleasant stretch of North Sea coast. Both clean and quiet, it is a far cry from how it was 40 years ago. Back in those days Blackhall beach was an apocalyptic vision of industrialization. The nearby Blackhall Colliery was linked to the beach by a massive conveyor system which would dump coal spoils into the sea by the ton. Not only was the beach here was black with coal spoils, there was evidence of damage to the ecosystem four miles off the coast. This somewhat depressing industrial landscape shot the beach to fame in 1971 when it was used in the gritty final scene of 'Get Carter' starring Michael Caine. The beach also featured in the 1992 'Alien 3' film. Since those days tens of millions of pounds have been spent cleaning the beach up and today there is barely a trace of Blackhall's industrial past.

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