Bertra Beach

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This location is classed as Seaside.
It's Longitude is -9.6670105 and Latitude is 53.78414, and it's readable address is Bertra Rd, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

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Bertra Beach lies about 12km west of Westport and connects the mainland with Bertra Island. The beach here is mainly sandy, although there are some rocks, and pebbles are often deposited here by the spring tides. A lifeguard presence during the summer season makes this Blue Flag beach a good place to come for a dip in the Atlantic Ocean. The wide stretch of sand here and the paths amongst the dunes are good for taking bracing seaside walks at any time of the year. Kitesurfing, windsurfing and bird-watching are also popular at Bertra. The area of the beach furthest away from the car park is often used by sea-anglers. From the beach there are fine views over Clew Bay and inland towards Croagh Patrick. Clew Bay is site of significant geological importance because it contains a large number of sunken/drowned "drumlins". These are low hills, formed by glacial movements thousands of years ago, which became submerged by melting ice-caps. Today these small islands can be seen rising out of the bay like tiny ice-berg tips. They are the best example of drowned drumlins in Ireland. Local folklore claims that the bay contains 365 drumlins-one for every day of the year.

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