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Berrow South lies towards the southern end of Berrow Flats, a 6-mile stretch of sand and mudflats between Burnham-on-Sea and Brean Down. The beach here is flat and sandy, backed by dunes. Signage warns of dangerous sinking sands at low tide, so care needs to be taken and it is best to avoid going far onto the wet mudflats exposed at low tide. When the tide is out the wreck of MV Nornen, a Norwegian Barque which ran aground here in 1897 is visible. The beach is used by walkers, horse riders, fishermen and beach sport enthusiasts. From the beach it is possible to walk north towards Brean or south towards the lighthouse at Burnham-in-Sea. The beach is dog-friendly, and dogs will love running off-lead, although should not be encouraged to go too far out on the mudflats. This part of the Berrow Flats is more tranquil than some of the other resorts along this stretch of the coast and is a great place to come to get away from it all. As the beach faces west, it gets some spectacular sunsets.

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