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Banff Bridge is a sand and shingle beach at the mouth of the River Deveron, which separates the towns of Banff and Macduff. The river used to be known for its unpredictability, although it was finally tamed when a bridge was completed in the year 1779, sitting just behind the beach at the mouth of the river. The beach itself leads to a harbour at its western end in the town of Banff. The currents might be too strong for swimming, but some determined individuals still surf on the waves which can reach impressive sizes. There is parking directly next to the beach at the eastern end of the town and more places to park are available in the town centre. The town of Banff has plenty to offer visitors, including many shops and places to eat, as well as toilets. There is also a golf course and a museum. A castle was originally built here in the 12th century to repel Viking invasions. Later, the town flourished as a fishing district. It was the county town of Banffshire before later becoming part of Aberdeenshire.

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