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Ballywalter is a sandy beach to the south of Ballywalter village, stretching along the coast for about 3 kilometres. The beach is in a rural setting, backed mostly by fields, making it ideal for walkers looking for some peace and quiet. Families will enjoy Ballywalter as well, with a number of rockpools in the rocky outcrops to be found here, in which children might enjoy searching for marine wildlife. During the winter, a number of bird species nest on the beach, making it a paradise for bird watchers. Parking can be found along Springvale Road in the outskirts of Ballywalter at the northern end of the beach. Public toilets and a children's play area can also be found here. The beach can be accessed down a short ramp. In the village, visitors will find a selection of facilities such as places to eat, drink, and stay, as well as a small fishing harbour

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