Baglan Beach (Neath) (Baglan Burrows)

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Baglan Beach, otherwise known as Neath Beach, forms the northern section of Aberavon Sands, the long sweep of flat sand stretching north from Port Talbot Docks, all the way to the Afon Nedd (River Neath) estuary. Part of the Wales Coastal Path passes behind the beach, which is backed by a solar farm and a system of dunes at the extreme northern end. Crymlyn Burrows has been designates a Site of Special Scientific Interests, and wading birds can be spotted in the Neath Estuary, particularly during the winter months. From the beach there are views across Swansea Bay and of the docks and chimneys of the Tata Steel buildings. This section of the beach is used by sand yachters and kite surfers as well as being a good spot for fishing. A couple of cafes and restaurants can be found along the promenade which backs Aberavon Sands, to the south of the beach.

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