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Archirondel Beach in Jersey sits on the northeast side of the region and is known for its breakwater which would have once been part of a plan to build a wider harbour area here. Although the harbour did not materialise, Archirondel Beach still has its famous breakwater which also helps to protect the beach from strong winds and waves. As a result, the beach is a good spot for families and younger visitors and you will find a shingle upper beach that leads on to soft golden sands that lend themselves to making sandcastles or simply relaxing on shore. At the ends of the beach you will also find a number of rocks pools that are perfect for exploring. Another signature feature of Archirondel Beach is the Martello Tower which is easily recognisable with its red and white colour scheme. The tower still acts as a daymark to guide boats safely to the area. In addition to its scenic setting, the beach has a good range of facilities such as a small cafe, and you can also enjoy the water sports here. As the beach is protected the breakwater and its eastern aspect, the calm seas make it ideal for snorkelling and kayaking in the area. It is also possible to swim at the beach although you should note that the beach shelves very steeply here, especially at high tide. As such caution is advised, particularly as the high tides also bring slippery pebbles which can make wading somewhat challenging. Many locals swim here and use the rocks and breakwater to dive into the sea, although this is only recommended if you are an experienced swimmer as some of the rocks can be concealed underwater. Other sites to enjoy close to the beach include ruins of gun emplacements which would have been used during the German Occupation of Jersey during the Second World War. The beach also offers stunning views across neighbouring St Catherine's Bay.

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