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Arch Bay is a small bay and beach area located in stunning Alderney, the third largest of the Channel Islands. Visitors to Alderney will find a string of bays dotted along the coastline, one of which is the scenic Arch Bay. It is also the most northerly beach, and the waters around Alderney are known for being choppy and challenging to navigate. The bay links to the neighbouring Corblets Bay when the tide is low, but at high tide only rocks point the way between the two areas. Arch Bay is sheltered by the surrounding rocks which give it a secluded feel and you will find that the beach gives way to grassy areas as you head away from the water. The main section of the beach is made up of pristine sands which mean that this is an ideal spot for anyone who enjoys making sandcastles, or in other words it is a great choice for anyone holidaying with children. Another good reason for visiting Arch Bay is that the water is relatively calm and during the warmer months taking a dip here is thoroughly enjoyable (although there is no lifeguard service). The sea here is also teeming with aquatic life and you can expect to see fish, starfish, crustaceans, and colourful seaweed. From the bay, you will also be able to enjoy views of two fortresses that date from the Victorian era and are a reminder of Alderney’s rich history. The beach at Arch Bay is connected to the Saye Bay Camp Site via a small tunnel which features an arch at one end - hence the name of the beach. So if you are staying on Alderney then Arch Bay is not well worth a visit.

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