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Aberporth is known for being a charming little village on the coast of Ceredigion and Aberporth Beach is one of the prettiest in the area. Aberporth Beach is something of a misnomer as it is actually two separate beaches bisected by a headland with Dyffryn Beach to the west and Dolwen Beach to the east. Still, Aberporth Beach is often used to describe both of these beaches together. The beach has a gentle slope into the water and is made up of sand rather than shingle which means this is a great place for a swim and other favourite seaside activities. For this reason, it is popular with families and is one of the top holiday destinations in Ceredigion. At low tide there are a number of rock pools here where you can look for marine life, and you can enjoy the vast swathe of sand where you can build sandcastles or sunbathe. From Aberporth Beach you can take a picturesque clifftop walk to neighbouring Tresaith. One of the highlights of this walk is the chance to take in the sea views and if you are lucky you may even spot one of the bottlenose dolphin found in Cardigan Bay. With reference to this, you will even find a statue of one of these dolphins carved from wood on the headland between Dolwen and Dyffryn beaches. Orcas and porpoises have also been spotted in these waters as well as sunfish and sharks. This area has always had a strong maritime heritage and the herring industry in particular was a cornerstone of the local economy. Nowadays if you want to sample some seafood caught off the coast of Aberporth then Cardigan Bay lobster and crab are both specialities. Dogs are allowed on Dyffryn Beach all year round although Dolwen Beach has some restrictions from September to June.

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