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This is a mostly sandy beach, stretching west from the harbour wall, to the south of the beautiful historic village of Aberdour. It offers fine views across the Firth of Forth to Edinburgh and the surrounding hills and mountains. The beach is popular for bathing, as well as for exploring the many rockpools exposed at low tide along the outcrops lining the beach. Boating is also popular here, with a club located next to the harbour. Whilst the beach further from the harbour is mostly sandy, it becomes muddier approaching the harbour wall. A promenade runs behind the beach, lined with a number of benches, making this the perfect spot for just sitting and admiring the views. A short flight of stairs leads down from the promenade onto the beach. Limited parking is available along the promenade. The town of Aberdour is known for its narrow, historic streets and castle, which can be visited for a small charge. There are a range of facilities in the village to cater to tourists, and a train station with frequent services to and from Edinburgh, taking about 30 minutes. The village is popular with golf enthusiasts, and Aberdour Golf Club is located to the south of the beach, overlooking the Firth.

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